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What we offer

We create professional real estate websites, as well as search engine and social media advertising, to the highest standards to make your property visible to potential clients. On top of that, we offer you the unique opportunity to promote your property exclusive on the domain “” until the property is sold. Alternatively, you can get a professional real estate website presented on a domain of your choice.


  • We build a modern website for your property
  • We add existing property pictures
  • If property pictures have not yet been taken, we send one of our local partners to take unique pictures of your property


  • • Your property will be exclusively presented on until it is sold or on a domain of your choice
  • We create search engine advertisements to attract potential customers to your property
  • We offer free support for alterations to the website at any time
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The design of the website, the development, and the advertising are managed by an experienced expert.

Max Karl webdesign

Max Karl

Founder and Product Manger
with more than 8 years experience in web development.

Reasons to choose us

A luxury property deserves a luxury presentation. Nothing is more impressive than a website that has been tailored specifically for your property and is exclusively placed on a unique domain.

For property owners

Receive a better price

With a premium presentation and our effective marketing, you can achieve a higher price for your property

Save time

Through our skillful marketing and the unique placement of your property, you can sell your property with us faster than on other platforms, where your property is just one among many

For agents

Save time

The unique placement of your property on our website contributes to a faster sale

Save work

The pictures of the property, the creation of the website, and the marketing are in our hands, allowing you to focus on other properties

Same commission

With the exclusive presentation and the tools we will use to best market your property, you can obtain a better price for the property, which allows your commission to stay the same at the end of the day

Our packages

We've created an easy and fair package system for our customers. Receive a non-binding offer based on your package selection.

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